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CompareTheParties (CTP) is dedicated to encouraging people across Scotland and the wider UK to exercise their democratic right and vote. To do this, we have created a central, neutral site that offers information on major political parties to make it easier to compare what each thinks on major issues. You choose the parties and the issue to compare, we provide the information - directly from the party websites. We will never tell you which party to vote for.

However, we do not provide every policy from every party. Parties may have relevant policies, but have not made them public on their own websites; parties may not have policies on every issue. But political parties, and individual candidates, should justify why you should choose to vote for them - why you should make them your local representative in parliament and why you should choose that party to run the region or country. If a party does not answer a question you want answered, make sure you ask. They exist to serve you.

We encourage you to point out contradictions to these policies, whether in politicians' words or their actions, to ensure parties are held to account for what they say. If a political site changes its wording for a policy, we will amend this site, but keep copies of the original so voters can see what has changed. If a policy changes or is dropped, or new policies are created, we'll adjust our site. It is not possible for CTP to compare all local issues for each constituency and so we encourage voters to quiz their candidates.

The most important thing is to get involved - democracy relies on people taking part and CTP believes the goal should be 80 per cent voter participation. The revolutions of 2011 in Tunisia and Egypt prove how highly the right to vote is held - that should not be taken for granted anywhere. That's why we want you to send us your comments, photos or videos telling us your thoughts on the site, on politics and politicians and on voting.