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CTP is available policies on party websites to allow as much a like-for-like comparison. As information is added to these sites, we will update CTP, accompanied by website screen grabs of those policies for verification. We will also ask parties for their policies on specific questions as the election progresses. CTP believes that voters should be able to access main policy themes without downloading full manifestos, though we will provide links to where they can be found. CTP will compare only what policy information is available directly on party websites, and not downloadable data. NB All information will always appear as it does on the original websites, down to any spelling mistakes!

Politicians' comments or actions contradicting party policies which are documented by news media will be added to CTP so voters can see the difference compared with stated policies. Policy entries will be updated as and when a party updates its official website only. Party organisers may notify CTP of such changes and request updates, but they cannot request other changes, nor ask for previous statements to be deleted. We track the changes.

Video/Photographic/Text submissions

CTP welcomes comments, photographs and videos from anyone on why it is important to exercise your right to vote, particularly from outwith the UK. Has your democratic voice been silenced? Do you wish you had the rights that UK citizens have to make your voice heard? Do you wish your neighbours would get involved instead of just moaning about politicians? You can submit a blog entry, a photo of yourself, or a video. We hope your submissions will help encourage voters to recognise the rights they have, and use them. Please note, by doing so you agree to allow CTP to freely use these submissions on the website and to promote the site, and the importance of voting, via Facebook, Twitter and/or other sites. If you are later concerned about your submission, you may ask for it to be removed from the site. We reserve the right not to publish submissions.


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